All About Heliconia Plants

Heliconia flowers are known throughout the world for their long lobster claw shaped flowers. Heliconia flowers can stay beautiful and look fresh for months. Heliconia originated in tropical American.There are over 375 registered varieties of Heliconia, all varieties are placed in the single family of Heliconia. Heliconia  sizes may vary between they can be 1-1/2 foot to 30-foot tall. Heliconia flowers boast bright colors which can be in combinations of reds, oranges, and whites to greens, yellows and pinks. Heliconia flowers can be either erect and pendent. The differnece is easily seen by looking at the bracts, the petal-like "spikes" on the side of the flowers, and which way they are pointed. Erect heliconias stand straight with bracts pointing up. Pendent heliconia hang down with bracts pointed down. When heliconias were first discovered, they were innitially classified as part of the banana family. This was soon corrected as Heliconia doesnt produce fruit. Most heliconia are grown for their beautiful flowers. Some Heliconia are grown for their roots or seeds and used in medicinal remedies. Heliconia may freeze to the ground but readily resprout in the spring giving gardeners in as far up as zone 7 the abliltiy to grow Heliconia. Heliconia can be grown in zones above 7 byt will need to be brought in for the winter. Heliconia can provide a tropical look to any garden and the flowers possess a certain wow factor that really grabs attention. Try planting them as a backdrop for Colocasia for that ultra tropical feel in your garden.

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