How to Grow Heliconia Plants

Heliconia otherwise known as the Lobster Claw plant, are grown from underground rhizomes which gives this plant the ability to rapidly occupy an area through the production of underground stems. They are herbaceous with a banana like 'pseudostem' made up of overlapping leaf petiole sheaths that offer the leaves and flowers mechanical support. Each shoot can flower only once, after which the entire stem deteriorates and dies then it is followed up by a new stem and the process repeats. Stands Of Heliconia will allow several blooms at one time in a flashy show of color. Heliconia thrive in a well-draining soil that is rich in organic compost. Heliconia prefer moist soil conditions and the soil should never be allowed to dry out completely. Heliconia prefer at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, as this would encourage continuous flowering. There are also species of Heliconia (Heliconia Sharonii) which enjoy shade. Some species of Heliconia can even be grown in water (Fireflash). Once Heliconia is established it will benefit from frequent fertilizing, We recommend fertilize with a slow release 12 month 10-10-10 fertilizer. Heliconias growing popularity can be attributed to its ability to adapt. This versitile plant has the ability to be grown outdoors in zones 7-10 and can be grown as an annual or dug up and stored in zones further north giving virtually anyone the ability to grow Heliconia. It has earned a place in writers garden as well as the gardens and greenhouses of growers throught the U.S., a truley remarkable plant.





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